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Doogie Music Blog - May 2010

May 31 - Rick & Krys at Tiffany's Garage, Otsego, Michigan - Shawn & Ryan's 30th -

Fun Garage Party . . . Shawn & Ryan Andrus . . . Twins are 30!
We got another last-minute call for emergency music needs. Thanks to our friend, Dylan Witt, we got a call from Tiffany Andrus last week. She wanted some live acoustic music to enliven the double birthday party she was planning for her husband Shawn and her brother-in-law Ryan. The twin brothers celebrated their 30th birthday on May 30th - their "golden birthday". The garage party was held on Monday, Memorial Day afternoon. It was a great little hang-over party. Friends & family, great food & drink, a piñata, and Rick & Krys music. Actually, Tiffany only hired Rick for a solo gig, but Krys came along for the fun of it. Plus, we knew that we were slightly acquainted with Shawn & Ryan, because their cousin used to lived out by our place at Indian Shores. Plus, some of these folks knew us from the Tricks band, and from Dylan garage party of 2008 (pics here here).
After a long and grueling Sunday setting up, playing, and tearing down at the "Ride for the Cure" party, Rick & Krys needed some "hair of the dog" to get those voices squeaking in the early Monday afternoon. But, we managed to have a great time. Shawn & Ryan really go for the acoustic-style classic rock tunes, especially now that they've reached the "classic" age of 30. Right when the party started at 2pm, the rain decided to just down-pour as we unloaded the car. So, you can see in the pictures that everyone is a little bit soaked. We probably got an inch of rain in a half hour. Shawn had some great turkey legs on the grill, and lots of other good food. When it finally stopped raining, we went outside and hit on the piñata. That's always funny.
All in all, we thought this would be a fun little party, but it was even more fun than we thought it would be. You don't get to celebrate a twin "golden birthday" very often. We think we'll see these folks again, maybe at the Wayland Hotel when Tricks is playing. And, we talked about playing for Shawn & Tiffany's anniversary party one of these years. Thanks to Tiffany and Shawn and Ryan. What a great special day! Great fun party to end a nice Memorial Day weekend.

May 26 - Rick & Krys at Roadhouse Grill , Paw Paw, Michigan - Wednesday Bike Night -

Rick & Krys outdoors at Roadhouse Grill Bike Night
Rich the owner called us up last Friday to fill a cancellation at his Wednesday Bike night. We jumped at the opportunity to show our stuff in Paw Paw. Thanks to our connections at Sue's Sidetrack, we've been talking with Rich about getting a date with Rick & Krys for one of the famous Wednesday Bike Nights at the Roadhouse Grill in Paw Paw. We already knew we were in for a treat, because we had already scoped out the Roadhouse Bike Night, back on May 5, Cinqo De Mayo. There were 500 bikes there on that night, and the crowd was intimidatingly huge. But, owner Rich told us that he normally had about 100 bikes at his weekly bike nights. We weren't scared, we were pumped!
As expected, with a chance of thunder showers in the forecast, we didn't have an overwhelming crowd for our first-ever Rick & Krys Show at the Roadhouse. There were about 60 bikes there and a nice crowd of about 100 people. While the Roadhouse grill served up barbecue from the outside grill, along with cold beers and cocktails, Rick & Krys served up a variety of Rock & Folk acoustic-style music. We gots tons of compliments from the friendly crowd, and Rich the owner said he'd like to give us a couple more Bike Night gigs this summer. That's what we like to hear!
I have to tell ya, this is a beautiful place. Check out our pictures; what a nice lay-out. We want to express our appreciation to Rich for all his hard work to make these Wednesday Bike Nights a great success. He has everything you need for an outdoor party at the bar; outdoor bar, barbecue grill, a great stage, an outdoor dancefloor, huge courtyard area with lots of benches and picnic tables, large parking area for the motorcycles. Very very cool!
Thanks so much to the Roadhouse bartenders, cooks, and waitstaff - a good-looking and hard-working group. We appreciate the work it takes to make a comfortable party atmosphere. Thanks also to our Rick & Krys friends who travelled to Paw Paw to support our first show there, Allegan friends, Tricks friends, and Sidetrack friends (yes, even Sue showed up for us).
What a fun way to spend a Wednesday evening! I'm glad the rain never appeared. It was a beautiful party.

Doogie Blog - April 2010

Apr 24 - Rick & Krys at Eagle Creek Golf Clubhouse, Allegan, Michigan -
Allegan's finest party-people dining & drinking with Rick & Krys at Eagle Creek

Right in our back yard is a small but popular 9-hole golf course. Eagle Creek used to be called "Ot-wel-egan" golf course, because it's between Otsego/Plainwell and Allegan. (Get it?) Anyway, Eagle Creek got new owners a couple years ago. After extensive remodeling, they have just recently re-opened their clubhouse for dining and drinking, 7-days-a-week. Eagle Creek is in the process of reclaiming their "market-share" of the local golf business. Krys tells me that the golf course is very nice, for a 9-hole course. Lots of nice sand and water traps. I wouldn't know of such things.
Rick & Krys are happy to lend a hand to help popularize this great little place. The clubhouse is very cozy, the food is good, the drinks are low-priced, and the wait staff is very friendly. This is our fourth "Rick & Krys at Eagle Creek" Saturday in as many months. We had a wild and enthusiastic little crowd. It only takes a couple dozen people to pack the main room where the music is happening. Not much room to dance, but there was a bit of dancing after the drinks started kicking in. Playing music at Eagle Creek Clubhouse is just like playing in someone's living room, with a home decor, including a big fireplace.
Thanks to our Allegan friends who came out to support us, we love ya, man! Thanks to Tony for singing a couple songs during our break. Tony has some fun songs! Special appearance by Allegan legendary drummer Greg Goodsel. That was a treat! Also, Dave & Sue Hiscock deserve "honorable mention". They just got done driving home from Florida at 4pm, and still they came out to Eagle Creek for the Rick & Krys Show. Don't you guys need to sleep? We appreciate your support. "The more the merrier", as they say!
Thanks to Craig & Jane for coming all the way from Hudsonville to have dinner & drinks with us. Thanks to Roger for coming all the way from GR. Thanks to Jason the owner, and all the friendly workers at Eagle Creek. You people are very cool, and we appreciate your down-home attitude!
Eagle Creek Pictures (we brought a non-broken camera for a change) -

Apr 23 - Rick Doogie at Rose's on Reed's Lake, East Grand Rapids, Michigan - Rick got a last-minute call to do a 100% unplugged restaurant gig at Rose's Restaurant, overlooking beautiful Reed's Lake. It's in the Gaslight Village and a very nice place. The occasion was Earth Day, and all the Gilmore Collection restaurants were hosting a "limited electricity" weekend, with lots of candles and acoustic music. I played 6 until 10pm in a packed and noisy restaurant, with wait staff running all over the place. Did I mention that there was no stage? I wandered around singing like a strolling minstrel, searching for low-traffic areas to stand. But there weren't many low-traffic areas to be had. It was one of the stranger musical events that I've played for. Still, I had fun dodging food and drink trays while singing my more laid-back tunes (didn't want to scare the all-ages crowd with anything too radical). I struck up some conversation with quite a few customers, and gave out a few business cards to people who wanted to know where I was playing in the near future. (I told several interested younger folks that they should come and hear Tricks at the Wayland Hotel - not that far of a drive from East GR.)
Krystal came in around 8 to help me with the last 2 sets, out of the kindness of her heart. I thank her for that. Thank you, honey! Our die-hard fan Deb Peck came over from Grandville to have a drink and hang out for a while. Thanks, Deb! Too bad, I couldn't really stand in one spot for too long, mostly because I kept looking for those elusive low-traffic areas. The outside deck was really nice, but very few people were out there eating, because the lake breeze was a bit cool. Rose's could actually host live music on that deck, but they don't usually have music.
I also want to thank my booking agent, Michael Packer of Sparks Media, who I met through Sherrie Coke. So, thanks Sherrie for the contact, and thanks Michael for giving me a trial gig. Hopefully we can work together again in the near future, or at least socialize a bit. Thanks to Bill at Rose's for being a very friendly manager and host. Thanks so much to the great Staff at Rose's for putting up with my guitar neck getting in the way of their trays. I have to say, the wait-staff was very cool and friendly, waiting on a huge crowd of Friday-night merry-makers.
Krys says I should say we didn't take pictures because we were observing a low-technology Earth Day. The truth is that our Canon camera has a broken flash, because it got dropped on the floor at the Transatlantic concert in Chicago last Tuesday. Sorry, no pics.

Apr 18 - Rick & Krys at Iron Bridge Bar & Grill, Allegan, Michigan -

Krys & Rick rockin' at the Iron Bridge
Rick and Krys played another hangover Sunday at the Iron Bridge bar in downtown Allegan. It was just the regulars this time, because we didn't put out the big call for support. So, we just had some quiet music fun with the 15 people belly-up to the bar and playing pool. We still got some response, some tips, and some requests (for Neil Young, and another for Johnny Cash - I promised to learn some Johnny Cash for next time).
Jesse the owner makes the effort to bring live music to downtown Allegan, so I want to support that noble cause. He invited us back for next Sunday, but we had to turn him down this time. We're way too busy for the next couple weeks. Hopefully, we'll come back to the Iron Bridge in a few weeks, and the weather might be warm enough to go out and sing on their nice big deck out back. That'll be really cool!
Thanks to Jesse for having us. We appreciate having a hometown bar to play music at. (And, they have really good hamburgers.)
Iron Bridge

Apr 17 - Rick & Krys at the Allegan Area Arts Council "Fire and Ice", Allegan, Michigan -

The art reception was rockin' and dancin'!
Rick and Krys were part of the entertainment at the Griswold auditorium for the reception / after-party for AAAC's annual fundraiser "Art In The Garden". It's an all-day art exhibit and sale, featuring vendors and artists who create garden-related works of art. There were paintings of flowers, trees and plants for your garden, sculpures to place in your garden, and all types of garden-inspired artwork.
The after-party "Fire and Ice" featured lots of great party food, a cash bar, good music, and a silent auction of garden-related artwork and sculptures, created and donated by AAAC members and supporters. Many of the vendors and sponsors also donated items for the silent auction. Sponsors include Downtown Bakery & Deli, Jere Hinman, Village Market, Dawson Renovations, Reflexions Plus, and Boskage Publications.
The first hour featured very nice piano music on the Griswold's excellent baby grand piano - I'm sorry, I forget the lady's name, but I talked with her and cheered her on while she was playing. She was really good! Then, for the second hour, Warren Taylor played piano while Katy Radio sang. Very beautiful! And then Rick & Krys played for the last hour, actually stretching into two hours by popular demand. And yes, there was dancing!
Krystal did a good job creating excitement while announcing the long list of winners for the silent auction.
One of the highlights of the party was a very funny skit performed by Linda, Sue, Scott, Tom, and Dina. During Linda's Chairperson presentation, Scott Warren came in with a covered easil as if he was confronting Linda with some unresolved dispute about getting his art into the AAAC auction. And then there was a ruckus raised, ... Well,... You had to be there. It was very funny. And very fun.
See the pictures -
For more information on the Allegan Area Arts Council, and how to become a member,
see the AAAC website: or AAAC On Facebook

Apr 11 - Rick & Krys at Iron Bridge Bar & Grill, Allegan, Michigan -

Krys & Rick Sunday Premiere at Iron Bridge Bar & Grill
Rick & Krys made a ruckus in sleepy downtown Allegan, on Sunday afternoon no less. After we played at Bubba's down the street a few months ago, we suddenly were "in demand". So, we decided to try out some of these other downtown Allegan bars. Unlike Bubba's, The Iron Bridge has rock bands on Friday and Saturday nights, so they have a dance floor and a less crowded set-up. We didn't have much advance notice on this gig, but a surprising number of Rick & Krys friends showed up to support our first big show at the Iron Bridge. Our blues- loving photographer friend Denny showed up with grandkids in tow, and he snapped a few pictures with his digital SLR. I mixed those pics in with our pictures; see if you can tell the difference. We also had pretty nice weather, so we had some motorcyle riders stop in for drinks and food - and they gave us some good rowdy applause (like good bikers should), especially for the acoustic rockers. Thanks so much to our friends, Rob & Jamie, John, Dave, Denny & kids, Kandi, Kara & Rich, Grace, Tom & Katie, who came to town for our "hang-over" Rick & Krys Show. Our voices were pretty toasted from playing two hard and heavy nights at Hilliards Corners. Thanks to the good crowd, we were hired back for next Sunday afternoon. We don't have any Tricks gigs next Fri & Sat, so we'll be a lot less creaky & croaky on Sunday. And, we're going to add a few new songs that we've been working on at home.
We were especially honored to have Tom Northrup, one of West Michigan's finest piano players, show up to check out the Rick & Krys music. We'll be paying Tom back by going to see him play for Biker Thursday at the Stagecoach Barn in Richland.
Last but not least; special thanks to owners Julie & Jesse for having us, and for inviting us back next Sunday. Hopefully, when it gets a bit warmer, we can play music on the Iron Bridge outside deck - that will be fun.
Sunday pics -

Apr 3 - Rick & Krys at Eagle Creek Golf Clubhouse, Allegan, Michigan -

Krys & Rick at Eagle Creek . . . Easter Weekend
Back at the Clubhouse, it was The Rick & Krys Show and some good Allegan friends who came out for dinner and drinks on Holy Saturday night. Not the biggest bar night of the year, but we made the best of it. We had a few people who came out for dinner, and then the Hiscock family came in to tip a few in honor of Georgia's birthday. Happy Birthday, and many more, Georgia!!
Local musicians Dean Micheals and Jack & Stella Dailey also dropped in to make Rick more nervous than nature intended. It's good to see Allegan musicians out on the town. We don't see each other very often. Dean was interested in getting me some solo gigs in the area, and that might just pan out. Jack was interested in my Line 6 DL4 loop pedal, even though I was a little out of practice, after spending too many lazy days in Flordida lately.
Rick & Krys sang lots of our regular songs, plus a few newer songs that we've just learned recently, notably "Ruby Tuesday" by the Stones, "The Painter" by Neil Young, and "Broken" by Seether w/Amy Lee. I was happy to be playing my Babicz guitar again, after neglecting it for nearly a year (I thought it needed repair to the electronics, but everything seems fine now).
Last song of last official set, I announced, "well, I was saving Dire Straits 'Romeo & Juliet' for Kandi, but she didn't make it, so here goes." About one verse into the song, in walks Kandi, Rick & Krystal's friend from way back. Since Kandi was buying, we ended up doing a few more songs.
At the end of the night, after about 5 "one more" songs, Rick finally said "you do one more". And Tony took it seriously and got up and sang a few songs for us, while Rick started to wrap up cables. Good job, Tony.
Saturday at Eagle Creek -

Apr 1 - Rick Doogie at Gallery Impromptu Plainwell, Michigan -

The good news is that Rick has some solo gigs lined up. The other good news is "The Babicz is back".
Opening night Meet & Greet the Artists - It was All Fools' Day, but in Plainwell it looked like All Art Lovers' Day. Rick volunteered to play for "tips only" for this unique traveling art gallery. 7 Artists shared their artwork. Randall Gornowich, Roger Scholtz, Dina Ebeling-Hestra, Ian West, Bill Shuck, Nancy Latenbach, and Jay Prosch-Jensen. Live acoustic music by Rick Doogie; Wine tasting, cash bar, full service coffee shop beverages & snacks. We had a nice little crowd there for the open-house hours, 5pm until 11pm. And Rick played most of that time - over 5 hours. After that long Florida vacation and nearly 2 weeks away from any guitars, it was a great work-out to get back into music-making shape. What a fun time! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Krystal came over to look at the artwork and to help taste the wine and shmooze with her fellow arteests. I captured Krys and made her sing a few songs with me. But that girl is so hard to tie down, I only got Krystal's help on about a dozen songs. Thank you, honey! You won't get off so easy tomorrow night.
But, let me explain; What is Gallery Impromptu? It's the brain-child of metal sculptor Jay Prosch-Jensen, Rick & Krys met Jay through their mutual membership in Allegan Area Arts Council . Jay's idea is to give local contemporary artists a venue to show and sell their wares. At the same time, Jay wants to make good use of beautiful, vacant storefronts in Allegan County. Like a rolling stone, he hopes to keep on moving and gain momentum by going to other communities to showcase more unique real estate and edgy local art.
The Gallery in Plainwell will be open from 10am until 4pm for the next 2 weeks, Eesley Mill, 717 E. Bridge Street, Plainwell . The art is on display and there will be someone there if you want to buy a piece. Art makes a great gift for any occasion.
Thanks to everyone who made this first "Gallery Impromptu" a success. We sold some art, we pleased some ears and eyes, we tasted some wine. Thanks to Jay for all of his hard work pulling this together. Thanks to the Plainwell Coffee Mill for the great treats. Thanks to Eesley Place Banquets for the bar and the great room! Everyone loved the renovated Mill. Check out the pics. We went upstairs to see the banquet room, and it's very very cool.
Art Gallery pics -

Doogie Blog - February 2010

Feb 13 - Rick & Krys - 2 Special Valentines Shows - Salt of the Earth and Eagle Creek -

Lots of Loving Couples for Valentines Dinner & Drinks at Salt of the Earth
Rick & Krys were already booked to play 7 to 10pm at Eagle Creek on Feb 13, when Fennville's Salt of the Earth owner Mark Schrock asked us to do a "Happy Hour" music show from 4 to 6pm. That sounded like too much fun to turn down. Since Salt of the Earth has a house sound system, we could set up at Eagle Creek early in the day. Then we could sing our 2 hours in Fennville and run right over to Eagle Creek to do our 3 hours in Allegan. Sounds good in theory, eh?
Well, I'm here to testify that we had a great crowd at the Salt of the Earth, and we also had a great crowd at Eagle Creek. It helps that both places had nice dinner specials for Valentines Eve.
I can't say enough good things about Salt of the Earth in Fennville. I encourage everyone to check out their website, and get over there for some of their music shows and tasty local food and drink. They have a fantastic music program. We've gone there a few times on Sunday night, and it is a fun way to end the weekend; Nice dinner, a few brews, and some great original folk music. They finish up early, so you can be home by 11pm on your Sunday night. We'll see you there. Thanks to Mark and Andrew Schrock for giving Rick & Krys a chance to start up their "Happy Hour" winter music series. Thanks to the "'other" Andrew for helping us with sound. Fennville is lucky to have such a great place for food, fun, and entertainment. They also have a Bakery Cafe open for lunch 7 days a week. We should all patronize Salt of the Earth to support good music and local foods and drinks.
Rick & Krys sang plenty of Love Songs for the dinner / drinking crowd in Fennville. But we spiced it up with some acoustic rockers. The highlight was an acoustic version of "Radar Love" for our encore. Another fun highlight was our acoustic version of the Beatles "Birthday" song for our friend Zach Welch.
Thanks to all Friends of Rick & Krys who showed up at the Salt of the Earth. It was a very good showing. You guys are the best, What a wild bunch. We appreciate your support, as always! Sorry, not much time to take pictures.
Pictures - Salt of The Earth, Fennville, Valentine's Pics -

Eagle Creek - We hurried over to our 7 o'clock show at Eagle Creek, and the parking lot was packed when we got there. It was mostly packed because they had 2-for-$20 Prime Rib Dinner for their Valentines Weekend special. But, we held a good portion of the younger crowd after dinner was finished. Eagle Creek has new owners, and the 9-hole golf course has been up and running. But, they haven't had a restaurant or bar for the past 2 years. They finlally got their liquor license and got the kitchen open just 2 weeks ago. Again, not much time to take pictures. Thanks to all our Rick & Krys friends who showed up to party with us at Eagle Creek. You know who you are! Thanks! We'll be Pictures - Eagle Creek, Allegan - Valentine's Pics -

Jan 29 & 30 - Rick Doogie at Bittersweet Ski Resort, Otsego -

Bright sunny day . . . Singing at the Ski Lodge . . . Fun Times!
Rick did a solo gig while Krystal was in Arizona, vacationing and visiting her friend Sherri. Beautiful sunny day, as you will see from my very contrast-y pictures. What a great fun time. It was pretty packed in there; lots of skiers coming and going. It's an all-day affair for many of these people. They show up at 10am and ski all day. Stopping for some pizza or sandwiches and a few beers. It's a mass of sports crazies stomping in with ski-boots and goggles. They shake it all off and kick back and socialize for a while. Then they get all geared up and bundled up and go back up the hill. Lots and lots of very friendly people in the lodge. Many people came up to say they were liking the Rick Doogie tunes. The 4 hours, from 2 to 6, went by very fast. Lots of nice compliments, especially the people who didn't want me to be finished. While I was packing it all up, one guy said, "Are you all done now? Well then I'm going home". After I was done at 6, I was stuck chatting for over 2 hours. Everyone was very sociable. I guess I usually leave the socializing to Krystal, so I don't usually notice it as much.
I made some new friends, and if you are new to this website - you seriously need to check out Tricks at the Wayland Hotel, last weekend in Feb, and first two weekends of March. You know who you are! You need to check out my "big" band. See you there!
Thanks to Amy for the gig. Thanks to the hard-working staff; cooks, waitresses, and bartenders. What a commotion! What a good time! Thanks to Dylan for helping with pictures.
Saturday Afternoon Pics -

Doogie Blog - January 2010

Jan 29 & 30 - Premiere Rick & Krys Show at Sue's Sidetrack, Pearl -

Big stage, big dance floor, big crowd, check out that intense concentration!
Rick & Krys had a "free weekend" (whatever that is), and Sue needed a band that same weekend, Jan 29 & 30. While packing up after our Sidetrack New Year's gig, Rick jokingly said to Sue, "you should have the Rick & Krys Show". Sue wasn't laughing. Rick talked it over with Krys. And we took the job. We were a bit worried because when people come to party at the Sidetrack on the weekend, they expect to dance a whole bunch. And the Rick & Krys Show isn't really a big "dance band". like Tricks. But, ... we kept telling ourselves that the last weekend of January would be nothing but the regulars playing pool and casually hanging out at the bar, with maybe a few snow-mobilers stopping for a quick drink or two. Well, we were wrong about that prediction. And that's a good thing. Win / Win, Baby!
It was a busy weekend at that little Sidetrack joint. Yes, we had plenty of regulars doing their thing, and we had some snow-mobilers coming and going in the cold frosty weather. On Friday, there was a big birthday party for Julie. Saturday had couple birthday parties. I know it was Roger's 50th b-day, but I couldn't keep track of all the Sidetrack parties. A couple came in who were "just-married" that afternoon.
And, to top it all off, Sue made Saturday night her "First Benefit of 2010". We auctioned off several single guys and single gals for dates. The "Singles" included Rick the bartender and Sue the owner. Krystal did the hard work of being the Auctioneer - good job, Krys! Better you than me!
Altogether, the Sidetrack raised over $500 for the American Cancer Society "Relay for Life". Thanks, everybody. Special thanks to Sue for being the most generous business owner imaginable. Thanks also to the hard-working staff; cooks, bartenders, waitresses. You're the best! Thanks for keeping those glasses filled, so the crowd could concentrate on having fun with the Rick & Krys Show. Thanks to Roger for taking video and still pictures. Thanks to our friend Denny who came and experimented with his good camera.
Fri | Sat | Denny Pics

Jan 23 - Rick & Krys rock da house at Bubba's SportsBar & Grill, Allegan

No stage, no dance floor, no light show; just raw acoustic fun ... Rick & Krys Show
- Can you say "Yeeeee Haaa"? Rick & Krys did an acoustic evening in Downtown Allegan. Bubba's is a very popular little restaurant / bar in Allegan. It seats 45 (I counted). They used all the chairs, but thankfully the quarters weren't too tight in that little room. I was a little worried that people might start dancing on the pool tables. The Rick & Krys Show had several new songs that were never heard before, especially the acoustic "unplugged" versions of some favorite Tricks band songs. Rick spiced things up with occasional drum machine and loop-pedal.
What a great time. We were supposed to play 9 until midnight, but we didn't stop until almost 1:30. We were all having too much fun. Bubba's keeps their kitchen open really late, so that's nice for everyone. There was no dance floor, but that didn't stop some wild people from dancing, during our last set especially.
Thanks so much to our friends, family, and neighbors who showed up to fill that little place up. We'd love to come back to Bubba's when we have a free Saturday, which isn't very often. Thanks to Bubba the owner for having us. Thanks to the very friendly and family-oriented staff. Thanks to the Hudsonville Branch of the Tricks Fan Club for showing up in strength. Hey, our friend Jane won $1,100 on Keno at Bubba's. Way to go, Jane!
Tricks is all nestled snuggly in Steve's basement. (and boy is it snug compared to Roger's palatial living room) We're expanding our repertoire with some songs from the Tricks Graveyard (Ballroom Blitz, Brown Sugar, Won't Get Fooled Again, I'm The Only One, My Head's In Mississippi, and lots more!) and from Bassbeast's tawdry past (Man In A Box, Enter Sandman, Shook Me All Night Long). While Tricks is cooped up at Steve's, Rick & Krys keep their weekends busy with acoustic gigs around the Allegan area. Rick & Krys are even taking their "unplugged" show to Sue's Sidetrack this next weekend. Good luck to us! Rick Doogie's first ever solo gig is at Bittersweet Ski Resort, 2pm until 6pm on Feb 6.

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