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Doogie Blog - August 2010

Aug 08 - Rick & Krys at Eagle Creek - Party for Class of 1978;
"Happy 50th Birthday to Us all" -

Kandi, Krystal, Karen . . . Party Planners Extraordinaire!
This party couldn't have been better! In the spring of this year, when Krys was starting to celebrate some 50th birthdays with her "old" girlfriends, Kandi Gibson had an idea. Even though the class of '78 got together just two years ago for their 30th Class Reunion, and they didn't expect to have another such gathering for ten years, Kandi had an idea. "We need to gather all the girls from the class of 1978 and we'll have a big party to group-celebrate our 50th birthdays." Krystal D and Karen Smalla stepped up to the plate to help Kandi's dream party come real. From Kandi's original "girls from '78 only", this party grew into a "whoever wants to show up" party, still with the theme "Class of 1978 turns 50". Each time the planners talked to each other, there were more questions about the guys who heard about this and wanted to come. More questions about bringing kids or bringing a friend or two. Finally, the party plans took on a life of their own. The three K's decided that anything goes, pay as you go, a few munchies paid for by a 50/50 raffle, and free music from Rick Doogie, Krystal's slave /house-husband.
I'm here to tell you that this was the party of the year. It wasn't a Tricks party, but I've never seen dancers having more fun (and that's saying a lot). The new Martin was the only guitar that saw any action - All Night Long!
Thanks so much to Kandi, Krystal, and Karen for the work you did getting this thing together. Thanks to Billy at Eagle Creek for working with the Three K's to make the clubhouse an excellent place to throw this party. For all your party needs, Eagle Creek is highly recommended - they do it right. Thanks to Facebook for helping everyone to stay in touch from across the country and beyond. Thanks to Roger for taking pictures. Thanks to Jeremy Dutkiewicz for playing Djembe drum for most of last set - a Highlight of the night (see pics of Jeremy playing while Rick's grandson Niko is trying to help dad play the Djembe drum.) Thanks to Jason the owner of Eagle Creek for hosting the event of the year, Thanks to Roxy and Dwight for waiting on our rowdy bunch of "old" party people.

Aug 7 - Rick & Krys at the Butler Deck in Saugatuck -

This is the very first picture of Rick and his Martin DX1-E
The big news tonight is Rick's new Martin DX1-E Guitar. Rick bought this guitar from Holland Rit Music on Thursday morning, and started playing it halfway through first set on the Butler Deck on Friday. Rick made a big deal of unveiling the guitar for the first time in front of an audience. He said, "you only buy so many guitars in a lifetime, and you only buy a small handful of really good guitars." Then he took the Martin from its case while everyone applauded. It took a few minutes for Rick to figure out the built-in Fishman "Pre-Sys Plus" pre-amp, with seven control knobs and a built-in tuner. But then it was up and running with the John Mayer song "No Such Thing" getting honors for first song ever on the Martin. From then on, it was nothing but compliments on the sound of the new guitar.
As far as the gig went; It was a beautiful evening on the water. The whole town of Saugatuck was packed, and you could barely find a parking spot. The deck was packed when we got there, and it stayed packed until last set started winding down. Lots and lots of good crowd response from the lively bunch on the deck. Everyone was chit-chatting a lot, but everyone gave big rounds of applause after every song. And lots of people came up with compliments like, "I love your song list, you do so much variety", "you have a such great voice", and "your new guitar sounds awesome." What a friendly town. No wonder people like to hang out in Saugatuck during summertime. Everyone had a laid-back party attitude. I thought it would be more wild, with some fuddy-duddies mixed in. But, I was wrong about that. The crowd as well-behaved and polite, full of laughter and friendly smiles.
Steven the manager assured us that we would be back next year on the Butler Deck in Saugatuck. Thanks to Steven for trying us out. Thanks to Tommy and Tara Phelps for getting us hooked up with your cousin Steven. Thanks to the good-looking and hard-working wait-staff at the Butler deck - you make it all happen!! Thanks to the whole bunch of Rick and Krystal friends who travelled from South Haven, Holland, and Allegan to give us some support on our first "foot-in-the-door" gig in Saugatuck. Thanks to Fred who took some very nice pictures, including the very first picture of Rick playing his new Martin DX1-E
Saugatuck Butler Deck -

Doogie Blog - July 2010

July 31 - Rick & Krys at Tom's 70th B-day Party, Hardin's, Allegan -

Tom Hardin defends himself from the "Roasters" . . . Great fun party on the patio!
Rick and Krys are acquainted with Jude & Tom because we are all active members in the Allegan Area Arts Council. Tom's 70th birthday was in March, but Jude wasn't going to let him get by without a big celebration this year. Jude did the hard work of getting a surprise party together, including lots of family and friends from out-of-state. What a beautiful house on the Kazoo River. We had Rick & Krys music in a lush garden setting, on the patio. Great food and plenty to drink. The Grillhouse did the catering; lots of scrumptious food, including some amazing cupcakes and Key Lime Pie for desert.
The highlight of the party was a "roast" by Tom's closest friends and family. What a cool bunch of people. There were lots of very funny stories told about Tom and his persnickety ways. You had to be there. This was a memorable party for all. Tom is well-loved by everyone who knows him, and he is far younger in spirit than his 70 years. I thought it was cool when we closed the night with "Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind, one of our liveliest songs; Tom & Jude were dancing up a storm - after a long day of party preparing, eating, drinking, and socializing. That takes a lot of youthful energy. I think they put a lot of the youngsters to shame with their vitality.!
Thanks so much to Jude for hiring Rick & Krys for your awesome party. We were honored to be a part of your special day. See the pictures -

July 30 - Rick Doogie, Beer-B-Q at New Holland Brewing Co. -

Marty demonstrates "The Boot" New Holland Beer-B-Cue Doogie on the Deck
Rick finally got a chance to show his stuff in downtown Holland. Thanks to a dozen Trendway friends, some family, and some Allegan fans/friends, we had a great party outside on the Deck. It was "Doogie on the deck" with dinner and drinks. The Cedar Plank Salmon special was so popular that it sold out by 7pm. There was also a huge crowd of Friday night revelers inside the Restaurant / Bar. The New Holland Brewing Company is famous for great food, great brews, and great music (see their website
). It wasn't hard to get a crowd together for the back-deck Beer-B-Q with Rick Doogie entertainment. The immediate reaction of most people was, "I love that place". Luckily, Krystal brought a few girlfriends from Allegan, and she was spontaneous enough to join in singing, every now and then.
A great highlight of the evening was when Marty treated us all to "The Boot". This is a German tradition where a boot is filled with beer and passed around with each person saying a few words before imbibing. The New Holland Brewing Co. has large boot-shaped drinking glasses imported from Germany for just that purpose. Marty is the former owner and now landlord of New Holland Brewing. When someone finally drains the boot, the person who passed it to that last person is supposed to buy the next boot of beer. Marty said we could bypass that part of the tradition for just this once. See the pics of people taking turns with the boot!
The Friday night Beer-B-Cue party on the deck was supposed to wind down at 8pm, but no one would let me stop. I kept saying, "this is the last song", and everyone moaned and called me a light-weight. I'm not gonna take that kind of abuse, so I kept it up until a little after 9.
Thanks so much to my good friend Shawn Roeloffs who got me into contact with Lyndey Miller, the entertainment manager at New Holland. Thanks to Lyndey for giving me a trial run. Thanks to Roger for taking pictures. Thanks to my Trendway "family" - how else can I say it? Thanks to Larry for bringing a table-full from Grand Haven. Thanks to the Allegan girls who came to dance. Thanks to everyone who came out to support me in my quest to take my solo acoustic show to the Lakeshore venues. Lyndey said I should call her this week about possibly doing the final Beer-B-Cue Friday on Sept 3, the Fri of Labor Day weekend. Stay tuned for news on that possible gig.
Check out the 2 albums of pictures from the New Holland Beer-B-Cue Friday night party on the deck.

July 24 - Rick & Krys at Phelpstock 2010, Irons, Mi -

Good food, good drinks, . . . good weather, good friends, good jammin'! . . . Life is Good!
This annual party is always magical. If you like kicking back with a drink around the campfire, with plenty of great food and friends, you would love this little party. Tommy & Tara Phelps are long-time Rick & Krys friends. About 10 years ago, Tommy & Tara started having an annual pool party at their place in South Haven, in honor of Tommy's birthday in July. A few years ago, they bought some property and a nice little place in the woods near Irons. And, from then on, the party was Up North. Each year, Rick & Krys are involved in providing the music. We've done it as a "Duet-around-around-the-campfire" most of the time, but we featured Tim Clifford on bass at the first Irons party, Phelpstock 2007. And, we brought along Bassbeast for Phelpstock 2008, with Dylan on Djembe drum.
This year's Irons party featured Rick's new rhythm and looping pedals, but only slightly. We don't like to be too gimmicky. "Keeping it real" is our motto, especially when we're out in the wild northern woods. (We heard reports of a large Black Bear in the area, but we had plenty of dogs to scare away predators.) Bugs were not a problem this year, although I thought it would be bad. I didn't even use any bug spray. It started to sprinkle as I set my gear up around 6pm. But the slight sprinkle didn't even slow down my set-up time. It was a perfect calm night. We did our Rick & Krys Show from about 7:30 until 12:30 - Five hours of mixing up the tunes, drinking, dancing, eating, chatting, ... There seemed to be more 20-something party people this year, mixed in with the oldsters.
Thanks so much to everyone who helped with the food, the camping necessities, the party favors, the wood cutting, the clean-up,... Thanks to Roger for showing up to help with cameras. We might have some YouTube-worthy video, but I haven't checked yet. Thanks most of all to Tommy & Tara for hosting such a fantastic party - great times with great friends!

July 17 - Rick & Krys at Neighborhood Party- Indian Shores, Lake Allegan (Carp Republic) -

Singing to Lake Allegan and The Carp Republic
The annual Indian Shores Property Owners Association Meeting is followed by a lunch and party in the park. Games and treats for kids, beer for adults, volley ball for the young at heart, lots of great potluck food, fantastic sunny weather, relaxing views of Lake Allegan, and some lively acoustic guitar music from Rick & Krys. Indian Shores is located on the peninsula that runs right up the middle of Lake Allegan . The 80-odd houses at Indian Shores are about 1/2 year-round residents, 1/4 retirees who winter in Florida, and 1/4 folks who have a vacation home here. So, it's a tight-knit neighborhood with an independent spirit and a party attitude. We heard from several people who mentioned the lack of live music in the Allegan area. We told them about the Sidetrack Bar in Pearl, M-89 Bar in Otsego, and Salt of the Earth in Fennville. We heard lots of great compliments on the Rick & Krys music. We also got a tentative gig at a graduation party over by Ann Arbor next spring. We'll see if that pans out. Rick & Krys are always ready for a new musical adventure.
It was a bit hot for mid-afternoon singing in the park, so we only managed about 3 hours before retiring to the shaded drinking area. We are so lucky to live in such a great neighborhood. When we get together and party with our neighbors like this, we often talk of our plans to secede from the Union, and become "The Carp Republic." Hey, we can dream, can't we? Anyway, everyone agreed it was the "Best Ever" annual Property Owners picnic. Thanks so much to everyone who worked to make this great little neighborhood party happen. Thanks to everyone who brought food. Thanks to Pat for the electricity. Thanks to board members Julie, Pete, Lex, Kurt, Pat, Ron, and John for having the great idea of bringing some live music in to liven up the picnic. We love you guys.
Peace Out! Viva the Carp Republic!
Rick & Krystal Pics

Fred has some even nicer pics at his Facebook page here.

July 15 - Rick Doogie at Walldorff Bike Night -

The Walldorff was hoppin' and happenin'. But this table gets the enthusiasm award!
The place was packed when I got there around 8pm, and it was still hoppin' when I left at 1am. The Walldorff Brew Pub is the place to be on Thursday nights. They host a motorcycle ride starting at 6pm, and they have food and drink specials with live music starting at 9pm. It felt like Saturday night! Lots of great compliments and requests. I'm glad I got the chance to do my Johnny Cash for an enthusiastic table full of partiers. I recently added a few old standards, just for such an occasion. And, Folsom Prison Blues was fun to play; all 4 verses, I might add - and a guitar solo in the middle with looping guitar rhythm track. I got that thing down, baby! The Walldorff has great food and many strange and wonderful brews. Thanks to the great friendly and good-looking staff. Thanks to Kenny for hiring me back. It was a great time. I'm looking forward to more Thursdays at the Walldorff, and possibly a Friday or Saturday with Krystal during our Winter Tricks break time, in January and February. Very cool people over there in Hastings. It's worth the drive from Allegan.
Walldorff Bike Night Pictures

Doogie Blog - June 2010

June 27 - Rick Doogie, Corner Lounge, Hilliards, Michigan - One more Sunday at the Corner. Rick Doogie is trading off with Tom Northrup for solo music entertainment on Sunday afternoons at the Hilliards Corner Lounge. Eric the owner said that if June went well enough, we would continue into July and August. Although we've been plagued by less than perfect weather, business has been okay on Sundays at the Corner. The intention was to have music for the bikers who make Hilliards a stop on their Sunday outings. But, we've had so much rain and threats of rain in June, the bikers have not yet been showing up at the Hilliards Corners. In fact, yesterday afternoon there was a tornado warning in the early afternoon. But, Eric wants to continue with Sunday entertainment. So, that's a good thing for Tom and myself.
Since the crowd is mostly locals, and not a bunch of hippies and bikers, I added several songs to my repertoire for this Sunday afternoon. I've learned a few new Neil Young songs and CCR songs, because my 16-year-old guitar student wanted to learn those songs. The songs that I just added are "Needle and the Damage Done" and "My My, Hey Hey". From CCR, I added "Lodi" and a slower acoustic version of "Proud Mary". It was pretty cool, if I do say so myself. And, for the regular older crowd at the Corner Lounge, I added "Fulsom Prison Blues", "King Of The Road", and Elvis "Falling In Love With You". Nice! I like it. But I plan on learning a lot more of these types of popular oldies, so I don't get bored with the handful that I have right now.
For my last set, Krystal, Paula, and Mark showed up. They made me get adventurous. So, I did Porcupine Tree "Lazarus". I also tried my first-ever acoustic version of The Who "Substitute". They also made me do Steve Hackett's "Horizons" guitar instrumental, which I haven't attempted in a while. It's the songs that make it fun for me, although the food and drink is plenty good at Hilliards. Sorry, no pictures.
See ya in July. Closed on the 4th. Tom Northrup is playing on July 11th and 18th, and I'll be back on July 25.

June 21 - Rick & Krys Show, Curve Inn, South Haven, Michigan - Our Debut gig in South Haven went very well. I think the hours were a bit early, but they were expecting an early crowd because of Harbor Fest weekend. The 20 people who were there were mostly our friends Tommy & Tara Phelps (celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary), also Tommy's pal Rich and some of his family and buddies. Our friends Rod & Marybelle came down from Holland. We had a great time and I'm pretty sure the bar made money on us.
The Curve Inn is owned by sisters Pat & Susan. They have truly awesome food. Everything is homemade; their coleslaw, their sauces, their pizza fixings, including homemade Italian sausage for the pizza. They have outdoor stone ovens for wood-fire-baked pizza. And their chicken wings are huge and meaty. They brag that their burgers are "the best in town" - I didn't try their burger, but judging by the pizza and wings, I'll bet their burgers are damn good.
While I was packing up and grabbing some food after our music was finished, I was talking with owner Pat. She was telling me that her business has been severly hurt by the smoking ban. And she said that she has been hearing stories about bars that normally used to bring in 200 people, and now they only bring in about 40. Pat said that while alcohol sales are way down, their food sales are up. But she emphatically said that "food is not where places like us make our money, the profit is in alcohol sales". She went on, "when people can't sit here and smoke with their drink, they buy beer at Walmart and go drink at home."
Pat told me how she felt about unfunded mandates and heavy-handed "business regulation" during these trying economic times. "This law originally was not supposed to cover outdoor areas, but when the Health Dept. was tapped to be the enforcer, they decided that they were going to also make outdoor patios non-smoking as well." Of course, every well-intentioned law starts out small and grows until it creates the opposite of its original intent.
Pat said, "This law was made to help employees, and in the end, employees are going to lose their jobs because of this law." And she said this will end up hurting entertainers as well, as bars and restaurants cut back on entertainment.
We like the Curve Inn, and hope to come back soon. Thanks so much to Pat & Sue for having us. They have a very cozy and friendly "hometown" ambience - just the way we like it. Thanks to our friends and fans who came out to dine and drink and listen to our Rick & Krys tunes.
Sorry we didn't get any pictures; too busy socializing with everyone and trying to do a good job with the music.

Posted Monday June 7 - Hilliards Corner Lounge
June 6 - Rick at the Corner Lounge, Hilliards, Michigan - This was the first of a summer series of "Live Music" Sunday afternoons at Hilliards Corners. Rick collaborated with Eric the owner to bring some live music to Hilliards on summer Sundays. Eric has lots of bikers stopping in on Sunday afternoons during summer. So, a bit of live music makes sense. Rick didn't want to wear out his welcome, so he contacted his friend Tom Northrup to share these Sunday gigs. Rick is doing June 6 & 27. Tom is bringing his live rockin' piano act to Hilliards Corners on June 13 & 20. Eric say that if June goes well, we will continue into July and August with the same plan.
This premiere Sunday afternoon started out with some light rain, so there were no bikers. It also doesn't help that Dorr has major road & sewer construction going on all summer long, and that is keeping traffic away from the entire area, including Hilliards. There were mostly the locals, some guys at the bar, a few family came in to eat, and quite a few octogenarians came in to eat. Rick kept it on the light side, and didn't get any big rounds of applause like Tricks is accustomed to. But, there were some fun moments, especially with the little kids who are always extremely interested in live music. Plus, there were some good compliments, a few tips, and promises to return on June 27 to see more of the Rick Doogie solo acoustic show. I told the few people who came up to chat that they should check out the quality piano act of Tom Northrup, because he has a lot more good song material for the older crowd and the beer-drinking bar-leaners.
Rick didn't have a huge success for this first Sunday, but Eric is positive that the word will get out, and the bikers will be there when the weather is nicer. Eric said, "if you build it, they will come." I like that positive attitude. I guess we'll see. Stay tuned. I'll try to remember the camera next time.

June 5 - Rick & Krys at Dick's Market, Steve's Kielbasa Cook-out, Dorr, Michigan -

Steve makes bun-sized kielbasa for the big buns.
See TricksBlog
for Steve's entertaining comments.
Cookout Pictures -

June 3 - Rick at Walldorff Brewpub, Hastings, Michigan -

Rick Doogie first trial run at Walldorff's in Hastings
Believe it or not, this was another last-minute date. It turns out that the unreliability of other musicians is a boon to Rick Doogie's solo career. The Walldorff
is a beautiful brewpub in downtown Hastings. They don't have any outdoor deck, so they have a wonderfully original idea for their bike night. They actually host a short bike run every Thursday. At 6pm, the bike run starts at Bomer's Auto & Cycle shop, just south of downtown, and they end up back at the Walldorff around 8:30, for drink and food specials and live music. This Thursday night was threatening rain, so they only had about 10 bikes there, and a small crowd. But, there were lots of positive comments for the Rick Doogie acoustic music show. The Walldorff has great food, kiln-baked pizza, and all kinds of great hometown brews.
Kenny the music manager said he wants to book a couple more Rick Doogie gigs for the summer bike nights at Walldorff. So it looks like, as Arnold says, "I'll be back".
I didn't bring a camera. Krys came to visit with Sue & Tony. Krys took a few pics, but nothing really worth posting.

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