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Tricks Trio /KaRTunes Blog - 2022

KaRTunes Blog - August 2022

Aug 13 - Tricks Trio, Phelpstock XVI, Irons

We're calling this Phelpstock 16, although we skipped 2020 for Covid. The fact remains that we've done annual parties for Tommy and Tara for more than 18 years, going back to their wedding and the pool parties they had each year when they lived in South Haven.


KaRTunes Blog - July 2022

July 23 - KaR Tunes, Hopkins Propane
Employee Family Party for Hospice

It's always nice when the people that hire you tell you how much they like your music. It's even better when they put their money where their mouth is, either by overpaying or by asking you back for their next party. This is the 2nd time that we are playing for these folks. They are the owners of Hopkins Propane, and they bought a 3-hour K&R show and Bill's BBQ at the Hospice Spring Auction. The first time, when we played for them in 2020, it was a "Christmas in August" party for their employees at the Hopkins Propane headquarters. This time, they threw a big family reunion party for their extended family, and it was at their home near Byron Center. They again told us that they loved us, and they want us back for next year. We'll see how that turns out. You know it's always easy to talk the talk, but something tells me that they're gonna walk the walk again in 2023.

July 3 - Tricks Trio Keith Memorial on Lake Christie

Tricks played last night at Lake Allegan, with fireworks as we packed up. This bereavement gathering was for our friend Deena's family. It was Tricks Trio with Krystal, Ozzy, & Rick. Once again it was on a lake. And once again their were fireworks as we packed up. This lake was a lot smaller than Lake Allegan, but they had a much bigger display of fireworks patriotism.

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