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Tricks Trio /KaRTunes Blog - 2024

Tricks Trio May Blog -  2024
May 31 - KaR Tunes, Krystal & Rick dinner music at John Schaendorf's 60th

This is the show that we donate every year for the Wings of Hope Auction in the Spring. They pair the KaR Tunes show with a food vendor for a three hour show for 60 people. This party was a bit over-the-top, with more than 300 people being wined and dined at the brand new Schaendorf barn. For the super-sized crowd, John brought in extra food and beverages as well as an extra band. The Strum Dumb and Dumber band played after KaR Tunes finished their dinner show. Lots and lots of Allegan friends at this big occasion.

May 24 - Ozzy & Doogie Duo at Oak Grove Tavern, Irons

This is an annual show that we play each year on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. This year Krystal was off hiking and camping with her gal pals, so the live music show was left up to the two boys. Like usual, we had a good crowd and lots of positive feedback. Always a fun time with the Oak Grove Tavern crowd.

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