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November 2015

Krystal & Rick expected our usual fun evening at the Lynx. But this time we had a special surprise or two, making this one of our "best ever" Lynx shows. A few days before our Saturday show, we got news from our neighbor Pete that he was inviting our neighborhood party people to come out to the Lynx to celebrate Lex's 60th birthday. Krys made a banner and got some balloons, and Pete brought a cake. As we all know, our Lake Allegan neighbors love to party and dance, so we had high expectations - and we weren't disappointed. We had an exuberant group of dancers for the entire night. These people were ready to dance after about two songs. We love to see dancers adding their own entertainment to the show. We also had Alva come up and sing for a bit with us. Thanks Alva.
also had a guest djembe drum player. Rick's son Jeremy was there with his wife Gerah. When Jeremy and Gerah came up to dance for a slow song, Rick said to Jeremy "if I knew you were coming, I would have brought my djembe drum". Jeremy replied, "I've got mine in the car". So, we took a short break to set up that drum, and Jeremy and dad Rick did a rousing half set to finish up the night. The song Rick wanted to try right away was the latest addition to the Doogie repertoire, Gordon Lightfoot's song "Beautiful". That song has kind of a callipso beat, so Rick was thinking some kind of bongo drumming would go along well with it. And it sure worked out well. Then it was some Van Morrison for our neighbor Grace. And we ended the night with a Stones song for our die-hard Stones fans, John & Peggy, who drove from Wayland to dine, drink, and dance at the Lynx with us.
Thanks to Jim & Kim and the staff at the Lynx - we get rave reviews about the food, drinks, and service at the Lynx. Not to mention the great sunset view of the beautiful golfcourse. Thanks to Pete & Lex and our Indian Shores neighbors for bringing the party out to the Lynx with KaR Tunes. And thanks for the great after-party in Lex & Pete's basement, spinning vinyl until the wee hours. Thanks to those who drove far to be with us at the Lynx. We appreciate your support of local live music and we love your party spirit. KaR Tunes is back at the Lynx on Jan 9 and then on Feb 13 for a special Valentine's Day dinner package that the Lynx will put together for you.

October 2015

• Oct 25 - KaR Tunes at Karen & Dan's Patio Party

Karen and Dan Smalla got married two years ago, and they had to have a Tricks party for a reception . Now that they have a freshly remodeled yard with some great landscaping, it was only natural to have a KaR Tunes party for house-warming their patio. They wanted to invite just a few close friends, along with the guys who did the landscaping. The weather forecast called for a rainy Saturday on the day of the outdoor party. By 5pm, when Rick came over to set up, we were hearing that the rain was mostly finished. So we went forward with the patio set up, even though we had a perfectly good party area in the backyard barn/garage. It ended up slightly sprinkling for at least half of the party time, between 6:30 and 10:30. But, the entire idea of the party was to break in the patio for dancing, eating, socializing, and drinking. So we didn't let the rain drive us into the barn. It was the perfect little party, although we didn't "play until the po-lice came". Thanks to everyone who helped break in the patio. May we have many more. Thanks to Karen and Dan for having us entertain for your special party. We love our life, we love our friends.

September 2015

• Sep 12 -KaR Tunes, Shamrock Hills

This was another last-minute booking, but it turned out to be very fun. Our girlfriends Kandi and Julie both work at the Shamrock, and they told us about this annual benefit that needed a band for this afternoon golf scramble / lunch / fund-raiser. We already had a Tricks gig booked at Jake's in Dorr on that date, but they said we only needed to play for the luncheon, for about an hour and a half, and then there was a whole bunch of door prizes, drawings, and awards. What a nice day. It was a bit humid, but not too hot. A great day for a golf outing. We played for about an hour while everyone ate after golfing. Then we played another half hour after all the announcements and awards. We are pencilled in to do this one again next year.

• Sep 5 - Saturday, KRO at Irons , Duane & Kim Party

Here's the Main Event! Party of the year 2015, maybe? I think the pictures give some evidence for party of the year. These are the dancing party people. Kim & Duane and their friends really love dancing all night long. While we packed up at midnight, we played mp3 tunes from Krystal's iPad, and everyone was dancing, and they didn't stop dancing until we finally had to unplug the power amps and shut it down. These folks might be middle-aged, but I say "you're only as old as you rock"! And these people rock like a bunch of teenagers, in fact they put most teenagers and 20-somethings to shame. It's a rare treat to have dancers who jam with the band All Night Long!!
Thanks to Duane and Kim for having us again. It's an honor to be part of your annual get-together.

• Sep 4 - Friday, KRO at Irons , Oak Grove Tavern

After Krystal, Rick, and Ozzy (KRO) played at the Oak Grove back in June for Tommy Phelps' party, the Oak Grove owner Rick approached us while we were packing up. "What are you guys doing in October, that's when we have our big Quad Run"? We knew that we were booked every weekend in October, but we said that we would be back in Irons for Labor Day weekend, and we could play Friday night at Oak Grove. Rick the owner said that would be fantastic, and he promised to call soon to talk about exact details. Well, we hear lots of promises, so didn't really expect to hear back from Rick the owner. But, sure enough, he called in early August and said, "are we still on for Friday September 4th, and can you send me flyers"? I was impressed at that kind of follow-up from a bar owner. We sent Rick some flyers in the mail, and his band price offer was double what we were asking. Nice! When the day finally arrived, that place was packed with party people. And we talked with people from Allegan, Wayland, Dorr, Holland, and Byron Center - all people who have a place around Irons. A couple different groups came up and said, "we saw there was a band set up, so we stayed after dinner, but we never expect Tricks to be playing here in Irons". It was a great night. It the Up North get-away for all these peole, and they are in a party mood when they are in Irons. We advertised the nights as "Labor Day Weekend Kick-Off", and it was beautiful weather for a holiday weekend up north.
Thanks to Tommy Phelps for the initial introduction to the Oak Grove. Thanks to all the folks who showed up for eating, drinking, and dancing in downtown Irons. Thanks to Rick the owner for hiring us. We hope to do this again next year, if we can line up our schedules again. Maybe we can do the big Quad Run weekend, or some similar event.

August 2015

• Aug 29 - KaR Tunes 2nd Gig for Hospice, Halloran Party, Dorr

When the Hospice Auction bidders were going at it bidding for the Krystal & Rick music with Michael's fish fry party combo package, Dean Michaels told the 2nd highest bidder that they could also have that party package if they made good on their final $$ bid. That 2nd highest bidder was Doug & Marsha Halloran. So, here we are doing another freebie in the name of Wings of Hope Hospice. Marsha and Doug Halloran are longtime friends of Rick's family. She was the Deli manager at Dick's Market for many years. She also started the Bridal Lane formal-wear shop with Rick's ex-wife Sherry. Rick & Krys also worked with Marsha for several years when she was the organizer of the Allegan County Scholarship pageant show. Marsha and Doug had a large hand in planning and running the Dorr 4th celebration for the many years that Tricks played and Rick provided PA system. Most recently, Rick & Krys worked in the Allegan Cabaret Band Show with Marsha's two daughters who are excellent singers, Shannon and Dina. This was a small dinner party with closest Halloran family & friends, at their home just east of Dick's Market in Dorr. Doug has his barn all decked out with antiques. It was slightly rainy, but they had a tent. So, we all had a fine time. Thanks to Marsha and Doug for your generosity supporting Wings Of Hope Hospice.

• Aug 22 - KaR Tunes Gig for Hospice, Oetman Party, Dumont Lake

A double-header day for Krystal & Rick. Here's the story: Every year, we donate a KaR Tunes 3-hour party show to the Hospice annual spring auction. Hospice always pairs our 3-hour show with a food caterer, and it brings in big bucks for Wings Of Hope. We usually have been paired with a BarBQ party caterer. But this time we were paired with a fish fry by Dean Michaels. Dean happens to be the director of the Cabaret Band Show, and he is the MC & Auctioneer at the annual Hospice Auction. A few days after the auction back in May, Dean called us to tell us that our donated show went to Marsha & Doug Halloran in Dorr. But Dean explained that the bidding went very high, and there was a last-minute duel between two families competing for the KaR Tunes / Fish Fry party package.
When Hallorans won the top bid at the auction, Dean immediatly went to the second highest bidder and offered a 2nd party if they wanted to match the top bid. That was the Oetman family, and they agreed to the deal. So, on the phone a few days later, Dean said, "if you don't want to do that 2nd party, I'll get someone else to do music". We said, "it's no problem doing a 2nd party show, but let's not schedule it on a date that we already have a Tricks gig".
Well, guess what. The 2nd party was scheduled for the day that Tricks was playing at AJ's in Dorr. Rick & Krys had to pack the car full of our acoustic sound gear, and get to the party place by 5, play for 2 hours from 6 to 8. Then we had to tear down and head to Dorr. Then we played 4 hours with Tricks from 9 to 1. That was a long day, but very fun. At AJ's, we were lucky to have a decent crowd, and a very energetic bunch of youngsters who came in during last set, right when we needed some energy.
Thanks to Dean, Hospice, and the Oetman family and friends. Maybe we can do another party some time, when we're not in "hit and run" mode.

• Aug 8 - Rod & Maribel Wedding Celebration, VFW Club, Holland
Krystal was out west for 3 weeks, but Rick still has a couple gigs to play. This wedding party changed a few times in the planning stages, but that's normal for weddings, and we are used to it. We deal with last-minute changes all the time, no problem. The final plan ended up being the best plan. With no formal reception, Rod & Maribel went out to dinner with the immediate family. After dinner, Rod & Maribel hosted a "meet & greet" open house at the VFW. Rod wanted Rick to play for an hour or two, but I think it ended up being almost 3 hours of solo Doogie tunes. Rod's kids, Malorie & Matt, are both big music lovers like their dad. They gave a lot of support and we had a great time together. Lots of Trendway pals showed up, almost like a reunion for Doogie. Lots of long lost buddies. Rod & Maribel did some dancing with friends and family. It was a great way to celebrate their wedding day. I thought it was better than a formal reception; it was a warm and friendly get-together. Festive!
Sorry, no camera.
Thanks to Rod & Maribel for letting me be a part of this special day. Thanks to all the family, friends, and TW buddies who showed up to make it a fun Doogie Solo show. Thanks to the Holland VFW management and staff.

July 2015

• July 11 - KaR Tunes, Hestera Party

This was one of the most hot and humid days of this summer. You gotta love it. But it takes a lot out of you. We played at the Lake Allegan party for Indian Shores, and almost immediately drove over to set up at Hestera's for AJ's graduation party. The open-house party was in full swing when we got there. What a fun time. Lots of drinkers and dancers. By the time we finished our 3 hours, everyone was drained of energy. It was as long fun day, but I'm sure everyone slept well that night.
Thanks to AJ, Jon, & Dina for having KaR Tunes at your special event. We had a blast. Thanks to the Hestera family & friends, especially dancers.

• July 11 - KaR Tunes, Lake Allegan

Ozzy usually plays this annual gig with us. But he had John Jr's graduation open house today. We had a beautiful summer afternoon, unlike the rainy picnics we last year. Hot and humid, just the way a lake picnic should be. We had the usual turn-out of our party neighbors, and a few new neighbors who never heard us before. We also had a contingent of invaders come over from the west side of Lake Allegan. They landed with their fancy west-side pontoon boast, with their fancy beer coolers with their fancy imported beers. (It was Rick's guitar student and friend Keith Dawson with a few family and friends in tow. Always a good group.) Even though we had a great little group of drinkers and dancers lingering, we couldn't stay over like we would have liked to. We had to pack up, get a quick half-hour nap, clean up, and get to the next outdoor gig this evening at Hestera's for a graduation open house.
Thanks to the Indian Shore Property Owners Association for having at this fun picnic with neighbors. Extra Special thanks to Fred Patchet who footed the bill and insisted on paying for K&R, even when the board was trying to cut down annual expenses. Thanks to all our party neighbors for being the funnest and best neighbors ever!

June 2015

• June 19 & 20 - Phelpstock Weekend in Irons, Oak Grove Tavern & Phelps Cabin #1
Tommy Phelps suggested that we play a pre-party on Friday night for his "Up North" drinking buddies at the Oak Grove Tavern in beautiful downtown Irons. So, Krystal, Ozzy, & Rick played two party nights in Irons.

Always a small intimate family and close friends affair, I think the last couple years our RKO friends have outnumbered Tommy & Tara's friends and family. We should pay them for all the fun we have. Between the Oak Grove gig on Friday and the Phelpstock gig on Saturday,
we only repeated about 3 songs. That makes it an adventure for our musician memories. We had fun doing lots of our new Tricks repertoire "unplugged" style, with acoustic guitar.
Thanks to Tommy & Tara and all the friends and family who made this a great campfire jam party.
Krys, Rick, & Ozzy Saturday Campfire Jam

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