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KaRTunes Blog - Early 2020

KaRTunes Blog - February 2020

Feb 8 - First weekend of the month - Tricks Trio +Don at Iron Bridge Sportsbar, Allegan

The band sure was fun tonight. Too bad there were only about fifteen people in the bar ... and that's counting the band and the staff. It was cold and icy out, but not bad for travel. Maybe good for staying cuddled up on the couch with your blanky. Anyway, back to the band. It's been two months off for the Tricks Trio, so we had some rust to work out. That almost increases the excitement, as you get that "no brakes, no net" feeling of going out on a limb. We were happy that Don showed up to sing with us. That's always fun. Tricks goes into Steve's basement on Monday, so this was like our final fling before winter break. Hopefully we can attract a bigger crowd at Iron Bridge next time, so the bar can make a little money. That's the whole idea of live music; it's all a trick to make you come out and spend money. That's why the band is called "Tricks" get it? As Bob Dylan once said,
"You never turned around to see the frowns
On the jugglers and the clowns
When they all did Tricks for you
You never understood that it ain't no good
You shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you".

KaRTunes Blog - January 2020

Jan 18 - Tricks Trio at South Haven Moose Lodge

*(So sad that our camera messed up after just a few pics.)

As we lose weekend bars to play at (AJ's in Dorr & Wayland Hotel), we are gaining clubs and parties. The club gigs are a lot earlier than the 1am or 1:30am bar nights. We are grateful for that. Also, it seems like the Eagles, Legion, Moose, and VFW members are a lot friendlier than the typical bar crowds. Maybe it's that sense of ownership from being a card-carrying member. Or maybe it's the less expensive drinks. Anyway, we really like the club scene. We always get lots of dancers. And there are usually some kids - it's a family atmosphere.
When TRICKS played at the Allegan Eagles for their Halloween party in 2017, Krystal & Rick went there on the afternoon before the party in order to decorate the stage with Halloween stuff. There was a little 7-year-old girl who wanted to help, so we let her put cobwebs on the speakers. A few days after that party, we got a call from a guy at the Otsego Moose Lodge. He said, "we are also members at the Allegan Eagles, we were the ones who had our granddaughter there who was trying to help you decorate". They asked us about a few 2018 dates, but TRICKS was mostly booked for 2018 already. The only opening we had was the date of their Otsego Moose Halloween party. Go figure! After we played that super fun Halloween party, they asked us about 2019 dates. The only opening we had was the date of their infamous Camp-O-Rama party in the campground behind the Moose Lodge. That campground party turned out to be what we call a "party of the year". There were so many dancers there with the all-ages Moose Lodge campground crowd. We had to ask about a dozen or more people who were wearing matching neon-green t-shirts that said something about "South Haven" and "Pirates". Turns out, those wild dancers were all from the South Haven Moose Lodge. We had to exchange contact info. Rick didn't call right away, but around December we got a call asking if we could do this Jan 18.
Even though it was nasty, cold, windy, and icy outside, we had a hot night inside. Less than 30 people there, but about 20 of those 30 wanted to dance a lot. We missed having brother Steve there, who was a main attraction at the Camp-O-Rama gig that led to this gig. A few people asked "where's your drummer, he was awesome at the Camp-O-Rama party. We also missed having our guest singer Don, but there's always next time. It was a bad night to travel; most of the people we talked to lived within just a few miles. Thanks to the South Haven Moose Lodge for having us for your Soup Cook-Off and "Warm Your Heart" benefit to buy blankets for local poor folks. We heard lots of apologies for the small crowd of about two dozen. But, we couldn't have had more fun. Everyone was giving us the same love that we felt back at the Camp-O-Rama party in summer. And we were warned that we better be playing for the 2020 Camp-O-Rama. We'll make a couple phone calls this week.


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